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Star Trek AOS Headcanon - It wasn’t unheard of for Jim and Leonard to fight. But when Jim lost Pike he began to unravel and take his anxiety out on Leonard. Leonard took it personal, purposely flirted with Carol despite his relationship with Jim, and barely made eye contact with the man unless he had to. Then Jim came back to the sickbay in a bodybag and all Leonard wanted was to see the light in those sky blue eyes one more time.

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captainsbones asked:

what do you call it when a person risks their entire career (the one thing they were born to do) by creating a risky serum from another being's blood and using it to bringing someone else back from the dead when by all rights they should have left them as they were, they should have accepted the fact they were dead like any person would and buried the body and mourned but no, no, he didn't, he broke every rule in the universe and what do you call that? /what do you call that/


you call it something beyond love because you love this man so much that you can’t bare to walk the earth without him, would walk in his shade and pray for his health as he prospers without you at his side because he is everything and anything to you and his name is tattooed onto your soul and he can’t begin to know what to call it because it goes against every moral bone in your body but the love of him encompasses everything you are and everything you will be and you love him with all the capacity of the universe and you stare at his still body and wonder when he burrowed himself beneath your skin and wrapped himself around your bones and marrow and refused to let go




#I’ve heard about what was going on behind the scenes #and apparently the stage hands didn’t like shatner much and they were also having a lot of fun throwing the tribbles #so they continued to throw them much longer than was necessary #hence the last tribble thrown in the last gif


pretty sure the moral of this is “don’t fuck with the stagehands or they will throw tribbles at you”

It made the scene so much better though because you just watch Shatner’s face and crack up when a tribble hits him. Kirk is just 100% done this entire episode and I can’t get enough of it.

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